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Foreign Currency At Cost

We’re delighted to announce our brand new initiative to help the UK travel industry get back on its feet.
If you work for a UK travel company and are based in the UK, you’re eligible to order foreign exchange at cost for any staff travel or overseas business trips, thanks to Spendology’s new trade initiative.

Staff heading overseas? We’ll lend a hand.

Whenever your teams need to travel overseas on business, we can help you save money and simplify the whole ordering process with our foreign-exchange-at-cost initiative for staff travel.

It’s a small thing but we hope that it might help a bit and make a difference.

Contracting or Negotiations

Business Reviews

Property Inspections

Health and Safety Checks

Fam Trips

Press Trips

Resort Office Meetings

Workshops or Training Sessions

Register your travel company to order currency at cost

Register your UK travel company with us

Email trade@spendology.com and let us know the email domain(s) your company uses. We don’t need to know any individual email addresses, just what comes after the @ symbol, for example, @yourcompany.co.uk. When your company is registered, any member of staff whose email address includes that domain will be able to place an order.

Receive confirmation of your account setup

Successful applicants will have an account set up for them, normally on the same day. You’ll receive an email with all the details to share with your employees or post on your staff intranet.

Get your employees to signup

For compliance reasons each employee signs up individually – selecting either “Personal” if paying with their own card or “Corporate” if paying with a business card.

Order for delivery to home or work

Employees can order up to £2,500 per day and £10,000 per annum, with delivery to any UK address from the next business day. Allow an extra day for exotic currencies and our Clean Currency® virus-free Euros and US Dollars.

Help meet your company's duty of care with our virus-free currency

Help meet your duty of care and keep your staff safe by ensuring that when they need to travel overseas to do business or for meetings, they’re doing so with Clean Currency. Available exclusively from Spendology, it’s one less thing to worry about. For more information, visit our Clean Currency website

Clean Currency at a glance:


Spendology Trade is a post-pandemic project from Spendology, the white label mail order travel cash company. If you work for a UK travel company and need to travel overseas for your job, you’ll be able to order foreign currency for your work trips at cost, with no profit or margin for us.

We want to help the travel industry gets back on its feet and back to doing what it does well. If you set up a Spendology Trade account and buy travel cash from us for your overseas work trips instead of from the Post Office, bank or supermarket, you’ll be saving your company money on every order. That’s a good thing in any year, but especially this year.

If you work in the UK travel industry and you have to travel overseas for work, whether that’s regularly or just occasionally, you’ll be eligible to use Spendology Trade to get foreign currency at cost.

Just follow the directions on this webpage to register your company with us. Each person needing travel cash will sign up individually and there’s a slightly different process dependent on whether you’ll be using a personal card or a corporate business card for payment.
Ordering is all online and you choose your preferred delivery date and delivery address within the ordering process. We are the only company to be able to deliver to any UK address rather than just the cardholders home address, which means your travel cash can conveniently be delivered to home, work, another office or family member and it’s all fully insured and fully trackable. Order up to £2,500 per order and £10,000 per annum. If you need more than £10,000 in a year, contact us directly.

The travel industry has had an inordinately tough time during the pandemic, and we want to do our bit to get it back on its feet and for both the industry and consumers to gain confidence in travelling again as well as helping travel companies save money. We have also set up Spendology Trade to showcase the service we offer. We hope that professionals in the industry will be so wowed by the service and overall experience that you’ll be only too happy to recommend us!

Yes. Our white label travel cash service is perfect for this and allows you to make a margin on every order, all under your own branding. Since 68% of Brits buy foreign currency in the UK pre-departure, it’s an easy switch to buy it from you instead of from the Post Office, banks or supermarkets, especially if you use our free automated marketing tools. To find out more, contact karengee@spendology.com

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